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The exciting Polo match

Sadly the rain came down in droves and the eagerly awaited concert of the three brothers Ustad Nishat Khan on sitar Ustad Irshad Khan on the surbahar and Ustad Wajahat Khan on the sarod could not take place. The first evening featured Pts Rajan Sajan Mishra; their immense popularity in Patiala gauged by the fact that they were invited a second time in a row. Despite being heckled at the end of his concert by an inebriated listener to sing "Basant", (the Raga of Spring) the Ustad did not lose his cool but obliged with a brief rendition of China Custom Tents Suppliers Basant.Ammy Virk and Jasbir Jassi were the attractions the next day; the grand finale of the event was a spectacular sound and light drama on Guru Nanak at Moti bagh Palace." Younger brother Wajahat shared that he had played in Patiala years ago at the same festival with his late father, Ustad Imrat Khan.. She was followed by the dance act entitled Fire by Priti Patel, who has skillfully incorporated elements of martial arts into her presentation of Manipuri dance.

The 3rd evening started with a bang with the uplifting dhrupad vocal recital of Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar, accompanied on the pakhawaj by Pt Mohan Lal Sharma. The 2nd evening featured Odissi dancer Parwati Datta and her troupe.The Heritage Festival of course revolved around the evening music and dance performances but equally important were the other activities of the festival – the heritage walk in the morning showcased the beautiful buildings of princely Patiala. All in all, one’s admiration must go to the District administration for having managed an event of this size, in so many venues with such perfect organization.The third day featured Patiala’s pride, Kaushiki Chakravorty. Patiala’s royals came out in full force to welcome their icon; she did not disappoint, singing with passion and flair, bringing out every part of her awesome vocal arsenal to totally mesmerize.Patiala gharana is one of the main vocal gharanas today, but in recent memory, none of its practitioners have lived in Patiala The grand old man of the Patiala gharana in the last century Bade Ghulam Ali Khan was from Kasur and never lived in Patiala ever.The band of the Guards regiment (2 Guards) provided aural accompaniment to the display of military like aerial manoeuvers. Today it is his disciples and disciple’s disciples taking the tradition forward.The Patiala Heritage Festival has featured the nation’s finest artists – from Ustad Vilayat Khan to Yamini Krishnamurthy. The tradition of excellence continued in this week long edition of the festival; with the spectacular backdrop of the lit Qilla Mubarak, the artists seemed inspired to give their best.Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt with the Manganiyars started proceedings the next day, followed by Bharatanatyam by Rama Vaidyanathan who presented a new act entitled "Ek Omkaar" (the mantra of the Sikh Japji sahib) as a tribute to the Patialavis. Having no other accompaniment other than the drone of his two tamburas which he carries to every concert, Dagar sahib created an ambience of a bygone time, in that setting of yore.The morning air show at the Patiala aerodrome had a largely youthful audience of school children who were brought in to see the display of flying of drones and miniature air craft, followed by a stunt biking display. This would have been the first time they performed together in North India.

The exciting Polo match and tent pegging display was another attraction, as was the cycle polo. Their busy schedules did not enable a shift to the next day. Ustad Nishat Khan said "I am so disappointed; I have been wanting to play in Patiala forever. Every Princely state had beautiful State buildings – the Durbar Hall, cenotaphs, State religious centres (in most cases 2 or 3, of different religious denominations) and of course the Palaces.Patiala has its share of magnificent buildings – the 14th century Qila Mubarak, though badly in need of renovation remains a grand structure – the superb miniature style paintings on the walls of the State rooms, of Shri Krishna and Shri Rama testimony to the expansive vision of the Sikh rulers.

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Homelessness is a major problem

Other businesses that could be affected include department stores, supermarkets, law firms and clothing makers such as Levi Strauss & Co.The upcoming ballot measure is backed by a coalition that includes homelessness and gay rights groups. We’re polling very well.San Francisco voters will decide in November whether to tax large businesses to pay for homeless and housing services, an issue that set off a battle in another West Coast city struggling with income inequality."I suspect that local companies don’t have the same kind of relationship to the political establishment as they do in Seattle," he said."I think the city is really ready for this," said Christin Evans, a San Francisco small-business owner and one of three petitioners on the measure. Up to half of the money raised would go toward permanent housing, from rental subsidies to new housing."

Seattle leaders last month repealed a tax on large employers that was meant to fund homelessness services after Amazon pushed back.The companies could include Twitter, which declined to comment Monday., Lazarus said. "We have a lot of momentum behind us, and more than a majority of the voting population is renters.".The city elections department verified Monday that supporters had collected enough signatures to get the measure on the ballot."San Francisco voters last month also approved an increase in the gross receipts tax on commercial buildings and warehouses to fund universal childcare. San Francisco’s new mayor, London Breed, vowed to clear the streets of its tent camps within a year of taking office. Other companies that could be affected, such as Uber, pharmaceutical distributor McKesson Corp. "There’s no Amazon here. It’s not like a company town.But south of San Francisco, Mountain View’s City Council got a measure on the November ballot asking voters to authorize a tax on Google and other companies with employees in the Silicon Valley city.The city’s largest tech employer said in a statement that it has given more than $4 million to the cause and that it is "evaluating the potential ballot measure to carefully assess its merits in addressing this important issue.Marc Benioff, founder and chief executive of cloud-computing company Salesforce, has urged others in the tech community to help address the city’s problems with homelessness. The chamber will likely oppose the measure.

It’s unclear which companies in San Francisco would be affected and how hard by the additional tax on gross receipts.Homelessness is a major problem in San Francisco, as well as other cities on the West Coast with growing numbers of high-paying tech jobs that price lower-income residents out of a shrinking housing supply.Jason McDaniel, a political science professor at San Francisco State University, says it is likely to pass unless political leaders band together to block it. Up to a quarter would go toward mental health services.The money would come from an average half-per cent tax increase on companies’ revenue above $50 million each year. It would raise about $300 million a year — doubling what San Francisco spends on homelessness — for more shelter beds and housing for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming so., Google, Apple and Amazon did not respond to requests for comment. China Wholesale Garden Gazebos Jim Lazarus, senior vice president of public policy for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, estimates up to 1,000 businesses generate more than $50 million a year.

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The results were declared

Its like dream come true for me," she said. I made it."She is a fresh ray of hope for the community and the camp," says Arjun Nath, one of those present there.The mood is celebratory and the gathering jubilant as they congratulate the first-ever woman migrant staying in a camp in the state for clearing the Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS) exams.Neha had opted zoology for the prelims.Her family comes from agriculturist background and solely depends on relief amount of few thousand rupees."She said her father is a relief-holder and made every effort to educate his children."We had to leave everything in the Valley," Neha tells PTI, flanked by her father Roshal Lal Pandita and mother Bitta Ji.Hundreds of residents of the Jagti Camp gather in and around the two-room accommodation of a co-dweller -- 27-year-old Kashyap Neha Pandita.She also gave credit to her uncle Rattan Lal Pandita and doctor-brother Dr Kashyap Viresh for encouraging her to take up the challenge.

The results were declared on Tuesday.The Jagti Camp houses over 4,500 families of displaced Pandits and is located in the Nagorta Assembly constituency in the outskirts of Jammu."I had sleepless nights as I prepared for the KAS exams."Nehas family was forced out of their home in Maenhall hamlet of terror-infested South Kashmirs Shopian district during the peak of militancy in the Valley in 1992. "I used to study for 12-14 hours without any coaching."From Mishriwalla, I started my studies as a class-1 student and completed my graduation. "I grew up in three migrant camps in Jammu. "But my focus remained the KAS.Neha says she did not have the luxury of coaching classes while preparing for the exams. My parents supported me a lot."I attended the Camp School, Mishriwala, then went to GGM Science College (Jammu) and later did my post-graduation from Uttarakhand," said Neha, the youngest of three siblings.In 2016, she was also appointed as an accounts assistant in the Shopian district treasury under the Prime Ministers Special Employment Package for KPs.Neha is one of the toppers and has bagged the 4th rank. But the (lack of) financial resources did not stop her journey towards to the top post of Jammu and Kashmir civil services," one of the kin said.

In 2011, we shifted to the 2-room accommodation in Jagti camp," she said.Neha holds a masters in organic chemistry and a bachelors degree in education.. I toiled hard and finally I did it."She wants the youths, especially wholesale hammock suppliers the migrant pandits, not to look just towards engineering and MBBS as career options, but attempt civil services too."She, along with her five other members of the family, first lived in a tent in the Jhiri Camp in the outskirts of Jammu, then in a one-room accommodation in Mishriwalla."Once, the relief money was the only source of income for the family. "She is an inspiration to the young generation students who take up civil services and serve the state and the country.

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With free golgappas doing the rounds

We will not have any problems with basic amenities now," said Rakesh, a local resident."This signboard will now ensure that good times are here to stay.A tent, a DJ and multi-colored balloons came up in Jhinjhak where Pyarelal Kovind, eldest brother of Ram portable hammock Factory Nath Kovind lives.Lucknow: Celebrations began in Kanpur Dehat, the native town of President elect Ram Nath Kovind, soon after the announcement of his victory. "For us it is indeed a glorious moment, as one of the proud alumnus of our college is now going to occupy the top constitutional post of the country.Mr Kovind’s house in Kalyanpur in Kanpur was also decorated with balloons by neighbours who did not lose time in putting up a sign board giving directions to the "Rashtrapathi Awas". An elderly lady walked in with a "jhola" full of "batasha" — an indigenous sweet made only of sugar — and distributed handfuls to all present there..Since everyone seemed to have had an overdose of "laddoos" in the past few days, it was time for "golgappas" that were offered to all those who joined in the celebrations.".

With free golgappas doing the rounds, the crowds swelled and the DJ played — "Nach lene de mainu, nach lene de.The teachers of DAV College, where Mr Kovind had studied said they were proud of his achievement.. "For us, it is Diwali, Holi and Dussehra today", he said."It gives us immense pleasure and pride that Kovindji, who has been chosen as the country’s 14th President, is a resident of ward number 20 of Kanpur municipal corporation, which I have the privilege of representing," Sanjay Batham, the local corporator said. Dhol players arrived an hour later and took over. Baba ki bani sarkaar".